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About Us

Tek-Tek® was born from the inevitable need of taking MC.Trapilho's yarns to all the crochet and knitting art lovers and not only.
Founded by Miguel Carreira, MC.Trapilho is a portuguese company devoted to the production, selling and export of its yarns and accessories. It's based in an eco-friendly ideology that all Tek-Tek yarns are recycled, upcycled and/or reused and even the packaging materials are biodegradables.
More than just offering the best products, Tek-Tek provides unique moments of fun and inspiration with all its colors and mixed patterns that only the ones who create may really feel!

But Tek-Tek is not just about yarns... Nowadays, Tek-Tek is a ground-breaker to the extent that, in a simple, fun and easy way, it tries to convey to people these secular handcraft/needlecraft arts. Not only Tek-Tek makes their most basic stitches and lessons available to everyone but also it allows people to transform themselves into new fashion creators, creators of their own fashion and style. All of this in the end of your Happy Needles!




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